July 10, 2009

How To Backup Your Viira Data

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We got a lot of messages from avid Viira users who are counting on Viira day in and day out to get things done. One thing that many requested was the ability to safely backup all of Viira’s data in case something happens to the BlackBerry on which the data is stored.

This is why starting with version 1.2 we implemented the capability to backup and restore all of Viira’s data (this capability is only available in the full version of Viira).

Quick Backup

Backup Viira by backing up your BlackBerry

The easiest and quickest way to backup Viira’s data is to backup your entire BlackBerry device. Simply connect your BlackBerry to your computer via USB, open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager program that came on your device CD and select the Backup And Restore option.

Clicking “Backup” on the screen that follows will save all the information on your device in a backup .ipd file. This file contains all of Viira’s data (as well as all your other BlackBerry data) and you can safely restore Viira’s data from it if the need for it arises.

Restoring your entire device from this backup will also restore your Viira data to where it was before.

Tip: Sometimes backing up the entire device produces a generic error message: Error backing up database(s). The source of the problem has been reported to be the databases called Browser Cache and Profiles. Going to Advanced (see below) and de-selecting those two entries from the list of things to backup can solve the problem.

Advanced Backup

The Advanced backup option is useful if you find yourself needing to backup Viira’s data more often than the rest of your BlackBerry data. It can also be useful if the BlackBerry you are trying to backup produces the generic error mentioned above.

By going to the Advanced section in the Backup And Restore part of the BlackBerry Desktop Software, you can manually select which application’s data you want to backup. Simply select “Viira Data” from the list and move the data to your computer by using the arrow.

Make sure to include your Calendar data in the list as well. Viira has a built in mechanism of keeping its appointments in sync with the BlackBerry Calendar application and not including the calendar data could result in some of your appointments being discarded in the restore process.

Using Advanced Backup and Restore to backup Viira’s data.

After moving Viira’s data to the left of the screen, you can use the File menu to save the backup data to a .ipd file. Opening the .ipd file at a later time and using the arrows will move Viira’s data from the backup .ipd to your device, thus restoring Viira to where it was before.

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  2. Also some good info on the actual .ipd file format here


    Comment by Pos — December 7, 2009 @ 7:39 am

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  4. Hello. I restored my phone with the software, but I can’t find the application on my phone anymore even though I specifically clicked “Viira” in the advanced restore. Any thoughts?

    Comment by Jocelyn — February 17, 2011 @ 1:11 am

  5. Jocelyn, the key is to install Viira on your new BlackBerry first. You can then perform the Viira data restore with the Desktop Manager as the article describes.

    When you perform a Viira restore you are actually restoring the Viira data and not the application itself. Slightly confusing, but that’s the way things currently are on BlackBerry. And Viira (the application) needs to be present on your device in order to process the data coming from the restore.

    Also, don’t forget to activate the full version of Viira once you install it on your new/upgraded device. Backup/restore is only available in full version mode. You can activate quickly by selecting “Get license key from server” from the License Key screen and Viira will fetch your license key and activate the full version for you.

    Comment by dev — February 17, 2011 @ 10:31 am

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