June 6, 2021

Viira 6.1 for Android Now Available

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Viira 6.1 for Android is now available. You can download it from Google Play.

The latest version includes a number of under-the-hood improvements:

  • Enhanced sync. Our engineering team is constantly striving to make synchronization faster and more efficient.  The latest version includes a number of enhancements in the way Viira synchronizes and replicates its data across your devices.
  • Faster, more efficient networking. We have updated our networking stack to use more modern and efficient networking libraries.
  • Bug fixes
  • UI enhancements

February 18, 2019

Viira 6.0 for Android Now Available!

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We are pleased to announce the availability of Viira 6.0 for Android!

The new release can be downloaded from Google Play and is also available as a direct APK download from our site.

In the latest release we have added a number of improvements and additions in the following areas:

  • Day View: You will notice an enhanced layout and improved data selection controls
  • Overdue Tasks: Overdue task management
  • UI: We hope you find our latest UI smoother and our conformance with Google’s Material Design guidelines pleasing to the eye!
  • Enhanced sync. Our engineering team has been working on building up our synchronization architecture so you might notice a more efficient sync especially under heavy-use scenarios.
  • And more! There are a slew of additional and improvements throughout the app so make sure to download the latest version and check them out for yourself!

February 4, 2019

Viira 6.0 for Android: Sneak Preview

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Viira 6.0 for Android is almost ready for general availability, and we thought we’d give you a sneak peak in what the new release of Android has to offer.

Key in this release are the organizational improvements in the Day View: you will see a nicer layout and a more intuitive calendar and reminder selectors.

The Overdue Tasks area has also been enhanced. You will see a dedicated menu for the Overdue Tasks giving you a number of one-tap power features, such as moving all your overdue tasks for today or marking them all as completed.

Under the hood, version 6.0 includes a number of significant sync and architectural enhancements which our engineering team has been working on over the last little while. Although not immediately visible these “building blocks” will form the underpinning of future updates and enhancements!

And here are some screenshots from the very-soon-to-be-available release:

August 2, 2015

Viira 5.0 for Android Released

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We are happy to announce that version 5.0 of Viira for Android is available for public download. Viira for Android brings the same features and look-and-feel that many of you are familiar with from BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10.

Another big addition to the Viira Android feature set is the Viira Cloud Sync service. You can now sync Viira on your Android device with the Viira Outlook Add-In, Viira Windows App and Viira on BlackBerry 10 to implement one comprehensive, available-from-anywhere GTD system.

Download Viira from Google Play

Here are a few screenshots of how Viira for Android looks now. You can see more of Viira in action from the screenshots page.

And Here are some of the main features available in Viira 5.0 for Android:

  • Projects and contexts. Organize your to-dos by projects and tag a task by as many contexts as needed.
  • Day View. View your day’s commitments and appointments at a glance.
  • Next Actions. Focus on tasks that are actionable. Marking a task as a next action will make it appear at the top of any list the task belongs in.
  • Reminders. You can now add a reminder to any task in Viira.
  • Overdue tasks. Overdue tasks show in Viira’s Day View to make sure nothing ’slips through the cracks’.
  • In-Basket. Perfect for the collection phase of GTD, the In-Basket allows you to add tasks before further filing them in your GTD system at a later point.
  • Quick Add. Available in all views, the Quick Add panel allows you to enter tasks quickly one after the other.
  • Priorities. You can re-order the tasks in any project, context, day as well as within your Next Actions by selecting Reorder Tasks from the menu.
  • Calendar Integration. Viira integrates with the Calendar on your device to display your day’s events and appointments in the Day View.
  • Automatic sorting. Completed tasks get automatically moved to the bottom of any task list whereas next actions get moved to the top.
  • Smart Navigation. Viewing a task presents links to the task’s project, contexts or day, if applicable. Clicking on those links opens the respective project, context or day making it easier for you to navigate with ease over your entire GTD system.
  • Contact Tasks. Just like on BlackBerry and on Microsoft Outlook you can now create tasks based on a contact from Android. Contact tasks can be re-ordered, assigned as next actions and synced across devices and platforms.
  • Smart Contact Resolve. Contact tasks created and synced from the Viira Outlook Add-In or Viira on BlackBerry 10 get resolved against your Contacts database. If there is a match Viira displays the contact’s image (if available) as well as a quick access card with actions for this contact, e.g. call, email, skype, etc.
  • Email Tasks.   A top-level view where you can find all your email tasks. Email tasks can be re-ordered and assigned as next actions. Note that for this version email tasks can only be created from Viira on BlackBery 10 or the Viira Outlook Add-In and then get synced to Viira on Android. In one of the next software updates you will be able to create email tasks from your Android smartphone - so stay tuned!
  • And so much more! Download the free trial and find for yourself what Viira can do!

Download Viira from Google Play

Viira for Android is available for both smartphones and tablets and is compatible with Android 4.0 or later.

A direct download as an APK is also available from the Viira Android page. You will have to make sure to allow direct installation of Android apps on your phone by selecting Settings->Security->Unknown Sources.