February 18, 2019

Viira 6.0 for Android Now Available!

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We are pleased to announce the availability of Viira 6.0 for Android!

The new release can be downloaded from Google Play and is also available as a direct APK download from our site.

In the latest release we have added a number of improvements and additions in the following areas:

  • Day View: You will notice an enhanced layout and improved data selection controls
  • Overdue Tasks: Overdue task management
  • UI: We hope you find our latest UI smoother and our conformance with Google’s Material Design guidelines pleasing to the eye!
  • Enhanced sync. Our engineering team has been working on building up our synchronization architecture so you might notice a more efficient sync especially under heavy-use scenarios.
  • And more! There are a slew of additional and improvements throughout the app so make sure to download the latest version and check them out for yourself!

February 4, 2019

Viira 6.0 for Android: Sneak Preview

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Viira 6.0 for Android is almost ready for general availability, and we thought we’d give you a sneak peak in what the new release of Android has to offer.

Key in this release are the organizational improvements in the Day View: you will see a nicer layout and a more intuitive calendar and reminder selectors.

The Overdue Tasks area has also been enhanced. You will see a dedicated menu for the Overdue Tasks giving you a number of one-tap power features, such as moving all your overdue tasks for today or marking them all as completed.

Under the hood, version 6.0 includes a number of significant sync and architectural enhancements which our engineering team has been working on over the last little while. Although not immediately visible these “building blocks” will form the underpinning of future updates and enhancements!

And here are some screenshots from the very-soon-to-be-available release:

January 30, 2017

Viira 5.6 For BlackBerry 10 Now Available!

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Version 5.6 of Viira for BlackBerry 10 is now available for download. In the latest release  brings powerful new task sorting and grouping, advanced search of projects and contexts and a quick ‘move to top’ feature.

Here is a list of the new features in version 5.6:

  • Sort By Project: See your tasks in Day View, Next Actions as well as Email Tasks, Contacts Tasks as well as the tasks in any context grouped and sorted by project. Starred projects’s tasks always appear first.
  • Sort By Context: See the tasks in Day View, Next Actions, Contact Tasks as well as the tasks in any project grouped and sorted by context. Starred contexts’ tasks always appear first.
  • Move To Top: Quickly move a task to the top of any task list by selecting Move To Top from the long-tap menu. Available for Day View, Next Actions, Email Tasks and Contact Tasks as well as when viewing the tasks for any project and context.
  • Project Search: Search your projects in the Projects view. Useful when you have a large number of projects or when you organize your project names by naming them hierarchically.
  • Context Search: Search your contexts in the Contexts view.

You can download the latest version of Viira from BlackBerry App World or from the downloads page.

Viira 5.6 for BlackBerry 10 is available for OS 10.3.1 or later and syncs with all the other Viira apps like the Viira Outlook Add-In, Viira Windows App as well as Viira for iOS and Android.

And here are some screenshots of Viira 5.6 in action:

Day View: tasks sorted by project

May 13, 2016

Viira For iPhone And iPad Now Available!

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We are all very excited and proud to announce the availability of Viira for iOS! Available for both iPhone and iPad (minimum iOS 8 required), Viira for iOS comes fully-loaded with capabilities that will help you stay organized and get things done.

Download Viira for iOS (opens in App Store)

Clean Interface, Powerful GTD Toolset

Behind the clean, streamlined interface you will find a powerful productivity toolset that brings all necessary building blocks to implement and effective and efficient GTD system. From Viira’s signature dashboard to projects, contexts, day view, next actions, in-basket to email tasks, contact tasks and rich reminders, we have strived to put everything that you need to stay on top of your commitments at your fingertips.

View More Screenshots of Viira for iOS In Action

View Viira for iOS Full Feature List

Email Tasks: Your Email Organized

Viira for iOS brings the unique capability to add an email message to a task without leaving the app. Getting your email organized and staying on top of it has never been easier! screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot3

Email tasks maintain a link to the original email for easy viewing later. screenshot

MS Outlook Add-In, Mobile And Desktop Apps

Just like all Viira apps, Viira for iOS stays in sync with all your other Viira apps using Viira’s efficient and robust Cloud Sync service. Your personal organization system is always at your fingertips no matter if you are at home, in the office or on the go!

Viira apps are currently available for:

We are also working on an OS X and Windows 10 apps which will become available, in this order, over the coming months.

    Download All Viira Apps

    Full Feature List
    Here is a brief summary of some of the key capabilities that Viira for iOS has to offer:
    • Projects. Organize, order and prioritize your tasks towards a common objective or purpose.
    • Contexts. You can tag or file a task in as many contexts as needed.
    • Day View. View your day’s commitments and appointments at a glance.
    • Next Actions. Next actions help you focus on your high-priority, immediately actionable tasks.  Marking a task as a next action will make it appear at the top of any list the task belongs in.
    • In-Basket. Perfect for the collection phase of GTD, the In-Basket allows you to quickly add tasks for further classification in your GTD system at a later point.
    • Email Tasks. A powerful capability offered by few apps, email tasks allow you to add an email to a task without leaving the app. All your email tasks are available from the Email Tasks view to help you organize and stay on top of your email communications.
    • Contact Tasks. Add a touch of CRM to your GTD system! Organize your communications and commitments with your contacts by linking a contact to any task.
    • Reminders. Reminders display in the Notifications area of your iPhone or iPad with convenient shortcut actions to Snooze or Mark As Completed.
    • Drag-And-Drop Reordering . You can change the task order in any task list quickly and easily via drag-and-drop.
    • Calendar integration. Viira’s Day View integrates with your device’s calendar and displays all your appointments for a given day.
    • Overdue tasks. Unfinished tasks from previous days will appear in the Overdue Tasks area of your Day View to make sure nothing ’slips through the cracks’.
    • Quick Add. All major views have a Quick Add field that lets you enter tasks quickly one after the other.
    • Calendar Integration. Viira integrates with the Calendar on your device to display your day’s events and appointments in the Day View.
    • Hide Completed. An option to hide completed tasks helps you focus on what remains to be done.
    • Automatic sorting. Completed tasks get automatically moved to the bottom of any task list whereas next actions get moved to the top.

    Download Viira for iOS (opens in App Store)

    August 2, 2015

    Viira 5.0 for Android Released

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    We are happy to announce that version 5.0 of Viira for Android is available for public download. Viira for Android brings the same features and look-and-feel that many of you are familiar with from BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10.

    Another big addition to the Viira Android feature set is the Viira Cloud Sync service. You can now sync Viira on your Android device with the Viira Outlook Add-In, Viira Windows App and Viira on BlackBerry 10 to implement one comprehensive, available-from-anywhere GTD system.

    Download Viira from Google Play

    Here are a few screenshots of how Viira for Android looks now. You can see more of Viira in action from the screenshots page.

    And Here are some of the main features available in Viira 5.0 for Android:

    • Projects and contexts. Organize your to-dos by projects and tag a task by as many contexts as needed.
    • Day View. View your day’s commitments and appointments at a glance.
    • Next Actions. Focus on tasks that are actionable. Marking a task as a next action will make it appear at the top of any list the task belongs in.
    • Reminders. You can now add a reminder to any task in Viira.
    • Overdue tasks. Overdue tasks show in Viira’s Day View to make sure nothing ’slips through the cracks’.
    • In-Basket. Perfect for the collection phase of GTD, the In-Basket allows you to add tasks before further filing them in your GTD system at a later point.
    • Quick Add. Available in all views, the Quick Add panel allows you to enter tasks quickly one after the other.
    • Priorities. You can re-order the tasks in any project, context, day as well as within your Next Actions by selecting Reorder Tasks from the menu.
    • Calendar Integration. Viira integrates with the Calendar on your device to display your day’s events and appointments in the Day View.
    • Automatic sorting. Completed tasks get automatically moved to the bottom of any task list whereas next actions get moved to the top.
    • Smart Navigation. Viewing a task presents links to the task’s project, contexts or day, if applicable. Clicking on those links opens the respective project, context or day making it easier for you to navigate with ease over your entire GTD system.
    • Contact Tasks. Just like on BlackBerry and on Microsoft Outlook you can now create tasks based on a contact from Android. Contact tasks can be re-ordered, assigned as next actions and synced across devices and platforms.
    • Smart Contact Resolve. Contact tasks created and synced from the Viira Outlook Add-In or Viira on BlackBerry 10 get resolved against your Contacts database. If there is a match Viira displays the contact’s image (if available) as well as a quick access card with actions for this contact, e.g. call, email, skype, etc.
    • Email Tasks.   A top-level view where you can find all your email tasks. Email tasks can be re-ordered and assigned as next actions. Note that for this version email tasks can only be created from Viira on BlackBery 10 or the Viira Outlook Add-In and then get synced to Viira on Android. In one of the next software updates you will be able to create email tasks from your Android smartphone - so stay tuned!
    • And so much more! Download the free trial and find for yourself what Viira can do!

    Download Viira from Google Play

    Viira for Android is available for both smartphones and tablets and is compatible with Android 4.0 or later.

    A direct download as an APK is also available from the Viira Android page. You will have to make sure to allow direct installation of Android apps on your phone by selecting Settings->Security->Unknown Sources.

    October 9, 2012

    GTD Templates: How To Use Them?

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    While not part of the core set of GTD principles per se, templates can be a valuable, practical tool that can save time and make certain activities easier to plan and organize. The topic of templates has come up a few times in our email conversations with many of you who use Viira and the Viira Outlook Suite every day and as part of our drive to provide richer support for some of the more advanced aspects of Getting Things Done we want to see if there is something our team can do to make templating easy, effective and intuitive.

    So, how do you use templates? Do you use them entirely to enhance your GTD workflow or also to incorporate techniques from methods such as The Checklist Manifesto? How would you like to use templates in Viira to make your life easier?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or drop us an email to our support lines. We would very much appreciate your suggestions as we figure out how exactly to add support for GTD templates in Viira.

    April 21, 2012

    Viira for BlackBerry Playbook Beta Released

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    To all of you anxiously waiting for the Playbook version of Viira, we have great news. Viira for the BlackBerry Playbook has now officially been approved by App World and is available for download!

    To download Viira, just open App World on your Playbook and search for “Viira”.

    Viira for the Playbook is a free beta and requires Playbook OS 2.0 or later. This version is a Playbook-only version and does not sync with your BlackBerry device - yet. However as we roll out our cloud sync service over the coming months our goal is to provide just that: a seamless BlackBerry-Playbook wireless sync of your GTD system - so stay tuned!

    Sign Up For Viira for Playbook Announcements And Updates

    The current beta version (version 0.9.2) provides the core pillars of a GTD system on the BlackBerry Playbook such as projects, contexts, a day view and an In-Basket. Over the coming months we will be rolling out support for additional productivity constructs to bring the Playbook version of Viira en par with the feature set of Viira 4, including support for capabilities like task ordering, calendar integration, next actions etc.

    In the meantime we would love to hear your feedback so let us know what you think of Viira for the Playbook as well as ways that you think will make it better and more effective!

    April 16, 2011

    Viira 3.0 Released

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    We are very excited to be announcing the release of Viira 3.0! The latest version contains a lot of productivity enhancements that many of you have requested and we are very happy to be bringing all these new capabilities right at your fingertips.

    Here is what’s new in Viira 3.0:

    • In-Basket: Designed specifically for the collection phase of Getting Things Done, Viira’s In-Basket provides a convenient place to quickly enter a number of tasks, ideas and reminders. All tasks, native tasks, email and SMS tasks that have not been assigned a project, context or day will appear in the In-Basket.
    • Search. Quickly find the task that you were looking from Viira’s Tasks View with Viira’s fast search.
    • Reminders. Many of you have asked for the ability to add a reminder to a particular task, and we are happy to bring this feature to you! Although David Allen warns against relying too heavily on reminders in your GTD system, if used properly they can be a powerful ogranizational tool.
    • BlackBerry Tasks integration: Viira loads all tasks from your BlackBerry’s native Tasks application in the In-Basket from where you can further assign then to a project, context or day.
    • Hide Completed. Hide all completed tasks and focus on what remains to get done. Hide completed is available from all of Viira’s views and all your completed tasks will appear once again when you select “Show Completed”.
    • Quick new project/context creation: Have you ever started entering a task only to realise that the project or context you want to classify it under has not been created yet? With Viira 3 you can quickly create a new project or context right from the new task editor without having to switch views!
    • And more! Viira 3.0 contains a number of other smaller enhancements, too numerous to list here.

    So grab the free trial and see for yourself what Viira 3.0 can do! You can download the Viira 3.0 free trial from the Viira download page or by pointing your BlackBerry’s browser to our mobile site www.kartamobile.com/bb.

    For all of you using Viira 2, Viira 3 was designed to run alongside Viira 2 so that you can check out the free trial before committing to the new version. Viira 3 will also import your Viira 2 data. Buyers of Viira 2 are also eligible to upgrade for a special upgrade price of only $19.99.

    Viira 3 is compatible with all modern BlackBerry devices all the way back to OS 4.6.

    March 15, 2011

    Viira 2.2.5: 24 Hour Time Format

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    In this week’s update we have added 24 hour time formatting to Viira capabilities. Appointments, both when edited and when displayed in Viira’s Day View will display in 24hr time format for all of you using Viira in countries that traditionally use 24 hour time format (or all of you who have set your device to 24hr mode). For example instead of appearing as “2:00pm-3:00pm” your appointments will now show as “14:00-15:00″.

    The 24hr time formatting kicks in automatically when Viira detects that your device is set to display times in 24hr format. Otherwise the familiar 12 hour time format is used as before.

    As always, this update is a free upgrade to all buyers of the full version and can be downloaded OTA by pointing you BlackBerry to our BlackBerry site www.kartamobile.com/bb.

    February 23, 2011

    Viira Outlook Suite 1.1.03 Released

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    Over the past few weeks since Viira Outlook Suite version 1.1 was released we ended up performing various housekeeping updates and bug fixes that are now collectively being bundled in this software update. There haven’t been major features introduced or affected in 1.1.03 as the scope of this update has largely been minor fixes, stability enhancements and UI touch-ups.

    The bulk of the touch-up were in the The Outlook Plugin though the BlackBerry client did receive a minor tune-up as well.

    Here are some of the more notable fixes/ehnancements we did in version 1.1.03:

    • Fixed a problem where in certain environments an exception was being generated when closing Outlook (Outlook plugin)
    • Added the ability to scroll with the mouse wheel in the task notes field (Outlook plugin).
    • New projects and contexts are immediately available for selection when creating a task from email (BlackBerry client).
    • Ability to insert a newline in the task notes field by pressing ENTER (Outlook plugin)

    You can download the latest version 1.1.03 from the Viira Outlook Suite download page.

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