May 13, 2016

Viira For iPhone And iPad Now Available!

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We are all very excited and proud to announce the availability of Viira for iOS! Available for both iPhone and iPad (minimum iOS 8 required), Viira for iOS comes fully-loaded with capabilities that will help you stay organized and get things done.

Download Viira for iOS (opens in App Store)

Clean Interface, Powerful GTD Toolset

Behind the clean, streamlined interface you will find a powerful productivity toolset that brings all necessary building blocks to implement and effective and efficient GTD system. From Viira’s signature dashboard to projects, contexts, day view, next actions, in-basket to email tasks, contact tasks and rich reminders, we have strived to put everything that you need to stay on top of your commitments at your fingertips.

View More Screenshots of Viira for iOS In Action

View Viira for iOS Full Feature List

Email Tasks: Your Email Organized

Viira for iOS brings the unique capability to add an email message to a task without leaving the app. Getting your email organized and staying on top of it has never been easier! screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot3

Email tasks maintain a link to the original email for easy viewing later. screenshot

MS Outlook Add-In, Mobile And Desktop Apps

Just like all Viira apps, Viira for iOS stays in sync with all your other Viira apps using Viira’s efficient and robust Cloud Sync service. Your personal organization system is always at your fingertips no matter if you are at home, in the office or on the go!

Viira apps are currently available for:

We are also working on an OS X and Windows 10 apps which will become available, in this order, over the coming months.

    Download All Viira Apps

    Full Feature List
    Here is a brief summary of some of the key capabilities that Viira for iOS has to offer:
    • Projects. Organize, order and prioritize your tasks towards a common objective or purpose.
    • Contexts. You can tag or file a task in as many contexts as needed.
    • Day View. View your day’s commitments and appointments at a glance.
    • Next Actions. Next actions help you focus on your high-priority, immediately actionable tasks.  Marking a task as a next action will make it appear at the top of any list the task belongs in.
    • In-Basket. Perfect for the collection phase of GTD, the In-Basket allows you to quickly add tasks for further classification in your GTD system at a later point.
    • Email Tasks. A powerful capability offered by few apps, email tasks allow you to add an email to a task without leaving the app. All your email tasks are available from the Email Tasks view to help you organize and stay on top of your email communications.
    • Contact Tasks. Add a touch of CRM to your GTD system! Organize your communications and commitments with your contacts by linking a contact to any task.
    • Reminders. Reminders display in the Notifications area of your iPhone or iPad with convenient shortcut actions to Snooze or Mark As Completed.
    • Drag-And-Drop Reordering . You can change the task order in any task list quickly and easily via drag-and-drop.
    • Calendar integration. Viira’s Day View integrates with your device’s calendar and displays all your appointments for a given day.
    • Overdue tasks. Unfinished tasks from previous days will appear in the Overdue Tasks area of your Day View to make sure nothing ’slips through the cracks’.
    • Quick Add. All major views have a Quick Add field that lets you enter tasks quickly one after the other.
    • Calendar Integration. Viira integrates with the Calendar on your device to display your day’s events and appointments in the Day View.
    • Hide Completed. An option to hide completed tasks helps you focus on what remains to be done.
    • Automatic sorting. Completed tasks get automatically moved to the bottom of any task list whereas next actions get moved to the top.

    Download Viira for iOS (opens in App Store)

    February 16, 2011

    How-To: Launch The Viira Outlook Plugin

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    Viira Outlook Add-In: Quick Launch Buttons

    Quick Launch Buttons

    The quickest way to launch the Viira Outlook Plugin is by clicking on the green checkmark button that you will see in your Outlook toolbar after installing the Outlook plugin. This will launch the plugin in a separate window that you can then minimize or keep open at all times. Clicking on the green checkmark with a red ‘+’ sign will open the New Task form so you can quickly enter a new task. The quick launch and quick add buttons are available in any area of Outlook, including Mail, Calendar, Contacts and Notes.

    Things work slightly different in Outlook 2010 where you will see the Viira Outlook Plugin quick launch and quick add buttons appear in the Add-Ins tab.

    You can also start The Viira Outlook plugin embedded mode. In embedded mode, the Outlook plugin will stay embedded inside Outlook. To do this open the “Tasks” view in Outlook (Go->Tasks) then click on the area saying “Folder View” in the center-left of your screen (see image below). You will see an option for the Viira Outlook Suite below - click on it and the Outlook plugin will launch inside Outlook.

    January 25, 2011

    Viira Outlook Suite 1.1 Released

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    We are happy to announce that Viira Outlook Suite 1.1 is now available for download. Version 1.1 contains significant productivity enhancements such as email tasks, enhanced UI on both the Outlook plugin and the BlackBerry client as well as touchscreen support for all of you Torch and Storm owners.

    We also added a few convenience and time-saving features like the quick add button that lets you quickly add a task from anywhere in Outlook as well as a quick launch button.

    Without further ado, here is what’s new in the Viira Outlook Suite 1.1:

    • Organize your email. File your email messages into you GTD system from both Outlook and your BlackBerry. Email tasks created from the Viira Outlook Suite Outlook plugin can be then viewed from the BlackBerry client, and vice versa.
    • Fast startup. The startup time of both the Outlook plugin and the BlackBerry client have been dramatically increased to give you an even faster access to your portable GTD system.
    • Enhanced UI. The Viira Outlook Suite BlackBerry client now sports the UI from Viira 2.2, enabling an intuitive transition between the main views.
    • Touchscreen support. Owners of a BlackBerry Torch or Storm can navigate using the touchscreen on their device.
    • Search. Quickly locate the tasks you are looking for from the Viira Outlook Suite Outlook plugin Tasks view.
    • Quick launch. Lauch the Viira Outlook Suite Outlook plugin quickly from anywhere in Outlook by clicking on the new launch button on the Outlook toolbar.
    • Quick add. Add a new Viira Outlook Suite task from anywhere in Outlook! A new quick add button is now available in your Outlook’s toolbar enabling you to jot down ideas and to-dos quickly and with ease.

    The Viira Outlook Suite comes with a free trial. As always, the 1.1 update is a complimentary upgrade to all buyers of the 1.0 version.

    November 16, 2010

    Viira Outlook Suite: Outlook 2010 support added

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    Outlook 2010 support is now available in the Viira Outlook Suite! As promised earlier to many of you upgrading to MS Outlook 2010 or about to upgrade in the coming months, you can now take full advantage of the only fully-synchronized BlackBerry-Outlook GTD organization system using the latest version of MS Outlook.

    You can download the latest version 1.0.5 of the Viira Outlook Suite Outlook plugin from the Viira Outlook Suite downlod page and install the Outloook Suite BlackBerry client OTA by pointing your BlackBerry to our mobile site

    ***IMPORTANT*** To install the Viira Outlook Suite Outlook plugin, you must uninstall any previous versions of the plugin from your computer (via Control Panel->Programs and Features)

    While we are still actively working on the Viira Outlook Suite 1.1 and you will be seeing the results within a matter of weeks, we wanted to make MS Outlook 2010 support available as soon as we completed the work on it. Those of you that have Outlook 2010 can continue to apply the principles of Getting Thigns Done day-to-day with your BlackBerry and Outlook!

    October 21, 2010

    The Viira Outlook Suite: What Comes Next

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    A month and half after the release of version 1.0 of the Viira Outlook Suite, we are very glad to hear that many of you are using its unique capabilities to  stay on top of your commitments and get things done. As this is the first step in what will be a long journey of bringing you the most powerful Getting Things Done-based personal organization system for Outlook and BlackBerry, we wanted to share with you what we are working on and give you a glimpse of what will be coming out next.

    • Outlook 2010 support. With teams and organization around the world slowly but surely migrating to the latest version of MS Office, Outlook 2010 integration is at the very top of our to-do list. Outlook 2010 support will be available in the Viira Outlook Suite 1.1, and all buyers of version 1.0 will receive it as a complimentary upgrade.
    • Email integration. Incorporating your email in your Getting Things Done organization system is a must-have for many of you who receive dozens, sometimes hundreds of emails a day. We are actively working on email integration and will be rolling it out in the Viira Outlook Suite 1.1.
    • Faster startup. Speed of access to your GTD-based organizational system is a critical aspect that we never loose sight of. We constantly strive to make things faster and more efficient and will be rolling out performance enhancements starting with the upcoming Viira Outlook Suite version 1.1. Our internal benchmarks show our enhanced designs having drastic improvements for both the Outlook Suite plugin and the BlackBerry client - so stay tuned!
    • The Viira Outlook Suite plugin - accessible from anywhere. We know that many of you power users of Outlook regularly switch between the multiple view in Outlook - Tasks, Email, Contacts, etc. We are actively working on integrating the Viira Outlook Suite plugin with different areas inside MS Outlook in order to provide you with quick, one-click access to you trusted GTD system and all your Viira Outlook Suite data.

    We are all very excited for the upcoming 1.1 release, so stay tuned! If you haven`t already done so, you can sign up for updates and be among the first ones to know when the 1.1 is available for download. As we always do with any of our software products, the 1.1 release comes as a complimentary upgrade to all buyers of version 1.0.

    August 31, 2010

    Viira Outlook Suite 1.0: The First BlackBerry-Outlook GTD Solution Is Here!

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    he Viira Outlook Suite version 1.0 has been released. We are very proud to be the first to bring you an integrated BlacKBerry-Outlook GTD solution, and hope that it will help you stay on top of your commitments and get things done in your day-to-day lives.

    Download The Viira Outlook Suite

    Here are the new features that the 1.0 release introduces over the beta version 0.9.8:

    • Inbox. All unassigned tasks (i.e. tasks without a project, context or date) appear in your Inbox. A must-have capability for the collection phase of GTD®!
    • Outlook Tasks Integration: Your Outlook tasks appear in your Viira Outlook Suite Inbox, ready to be assigned to a project, context or day. Switch from using Outlook for GTD with ease!
    • BlackBerry Tasks Integration. Your native BlackBerry tasks appear in the Inbox of your Viira Outlook Suite BlackBerry client.
    • Viira 2 Data Import. Buyers of Viira 2 can easily transition their BlackBerry GTD system to the Viira Outlook Suite. Just go to Settings->Import Viira 2 Data (activation required).

    The Viira Outlook Suite comes with a 14-day free trial. As with Viira, buyers of the full version of the Viira Outlook Suite will receive point upgrades for free. For example, buyers of the Viira Outlook Suite 1.0 will receive the 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc. as free upgrades.

    For more information on how to install, set up and make the most out of the Viira Outlook Suite Outlook plugin and BlackBerry client that comes with it, please visit the Viira Outlook Suite page.

    Beta Members, Buyers Of Viira 2 Receive Almost 50% off!

    To show our appreciation to everyone who took part in our beta program and helped us ensure that the Viira Outlook Suite works and works well in a wide range of environments, we are extending a one-time offer of $30 off the regular price!

    As promised before, buyers of Viira 2 interested in migrating to an integrated BlackBerry-0utlook GTD system get the full purchase price of Viira 2 as a purchase credit towards the Viira Outlook Suite (updated amount will appear in the Paypal checkout page).

    August 9, 2010

    Viira Outlook Suite 0.9.8 Released

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    In our ongoing effort to continuously enhance the Viira Outlook Suite and solidify its position as the ultimate GTD solution for Outlook and BlackBerry, we have released another update to both the Outlook plugin and BlackBerry client.

    Delegate, Send Feedback

    Following up from the previous update, the new version 0.9.8 adds a few new capabilities to help you get things done:

    • Delegate. You can now delegate projects and contexts from the Outlook plugin as well as the BlackBerry client. Simply select “Delegate” from the BlackBerry context menu as well as from the “More Options” dropdown meny in the Outlook plugin.
    • Support for MS Outlook 2003. We are constantly striving to make the Viira Outlook Suite available on as many configurations as possible, and are happy to report that Outlook 2003 is now officially supported.
    • Feedback. We love hearing from you and your feedback is crucial in helping us decide what to build next. The Outlook plugin now offers a convenient way for you to send us your thoughts and suggestions for improvement - directly from the Viira Outlook Suite.

    You can download the latest version of the Outlook plugin from the Viira Outlook Suite beta page, and you can grab the updated BlackBerry client by pointing your BlackBerry’s browser to

    August 4, 2010

    Viira Outlook Suite Beta 0.9.7 Released

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    Just a quick note to let you know that we have released an update to the Viira Outlook Suite.

    The newly released beta version 0.9.7 contains several improvement and additions to both the Outlook plugin and the BlackBerry client such as enhanced stability, support for OS 4.5 and the new Refresh button.

    Download the Viira Outlook Suite Beta

    Here is what is new in the Viira Outlook Suite Beta 0.9.7:

    • Stability improvments.  We have made the Viira Outlook Suite more robust to eliminate Outlook error popups.
    • Refresh. Particularly useful in a BES+Exchange setup, the new Refresh button in the Outlook plugin lets you quickly reload all data and display any new tasks, projects or contexts that have been pushed over-the-air from the Viira Outlook Suite BlackBerry client.
    • Support for OS 4.5. We heard from a few of you still using (and loving) your trusted 8800- and 8300-series devices. So we pulled a few tricks and made the Viira Outlook Suite BlackBerry client work on OS 4.5.
    • Fixes to day tasks. We fixed an issue which prevented day tasks from synchronizing properly in the case where BES, Exchange or Outlook use non-default locale settings.
    • Delete All Completed. You can now delete all completed tasks from the Outlook plugin by selecting “Delete All Completed” available through the “More Options” menu.
    • The Viira Log. The Viira Outlook Suite plugin now has a log screen (available from the new “More Options” button) which traps all abnormal events for easy reporting back to our support team.

    Download the Viira Outlook Suite Beta

    Thank you again for participating in our Beta program!

    July 18, 2010

    Viira Outlook Suite: Calling All Beta Testers

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    The moment many of you have anxiously been awayting is now just around the corner. After months of tirelessly working on the Viira Outlook Suite and being burried in Outlook and BlackBerry OS development work, we are finally ready to launch the Outlook Suite beta.

    Combined Outlook-BlackBerry environments can differ widely between installations though: some people rely on Exchange and a BES-powered company BlackBerry, while others are content with just having BIS and standalone MS Outlook. While the Viira Outlook Suite works without a problem in both cases (and actually doesn’t even need a BlackBerry data plan), we are still looking to extend the testing period for the Viira Outlook Suite in order to make sure the 1.0 version works smoothly out-of-the-box for everyone.

    With that in mind, we are launching the Viira Outlook Suite Beta program. Are you comfortable playing with beta software on your computer and on your BlackBerry? Are you interested in making your opinion count in guiding the direction and feature set of the growing Viira Outlook Suite?

    If your answer is yes to both, you should go ahead and give the Viira Outlook Suite beta a try. We would love to hear your thoughts on it as that would give us an idea of what works for you and what you think we can improve so that we can solidify the Viira Outlook Suite as the ultimate GTD solution out there.

    Here is a quick glimpse of what the Viira Outlook Suite looks like:

    Viira Outlook Suite Beta