February 18, 2009

Viira Free Trial Limits Increased

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When Viira’s users talk, we listen. And lately some of you have been saying that the free trial’s limitations are a bit too restrictive to the point that it is hard to set up a proper implementation of GTD on a BlackBerry.

So starting with the latest version of the free trial (1.2.02) we have trippled the limit on the number of tasks in the free trial to 75 and doubled the the limit on projects and contexts to 10 each.

If you have already registered for the free trial, the latest update is available from our freshly-launched BlackBerry site. Just point your BlackBerry to http://www.kartamobile.com/bb, login using your username and password and grab the OTA download.

February 16, 2009

Announcing The Viira BlackBerry Site

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In our continuous effort to make more things possible on BlackBerry devices, we are proud to announce the availability of the Viira BlackBerry site www.kartamobile.com/bb. As we constantly improve Viira’s feature set and publish new updates we wanted to make getting the latest version easy - and doable right from your BlackBerry.

Through the mobile site you can download the latest version of Viira Over-The-Air (OTA): with a single click and straight onto your device. Just log in with the same username and password you entered when registering for the free trial, and you will be brought to a page with the OTA links available to you.

Buyers of the full version can also use the BlackBerry site to get updates of the full version of Viira. We have tried to keep the site’s design minimal and not overdo the graphics for those of you on limited data plans or sub-3G network connectivity.

Here are some screenshots of the mobile site taken from our BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 with the help of this great screen capture tool for BlackBerries called CaptureIt.

Viira BlackBerry Site Login Page

Viira BlackBerry Site Login

Viira OTA Downloads

Viira OTA Download Links

Viira BB Site - What Buyers See

Viira BB Site - What Buyers See

So put www.kartamobile.com/bb in your BlackBerry’s bookmarks and stop by for an update once in a while!

February 12, 2009

Viira 1.2 Released

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We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Viira 1.2. Since we released Viira 1.1 we heard many positive words (thank you all!) and received many great feature suggestions, so we decided to make many of them reality in the 1.2 release.

Here is what’s new in Viira 1.2:

  • Alphabetically sorted projects and contexts. (Thanks Greg for making us see the light on this one!) In addition to the visual convenience of being able to quickly zero in on a project or context this feature has the added benefit of “clustering” projects and contexts with similar names together. For example, all my projects that start with “Viira”, e.g. “Viira Features”, “Viira Suggestions” etc. all appear one after the other.
  • Quick search for projects/contexts. Just press the first letter of the project or context you are looking for and the project or context starting with this letter will be highlighted. Works both in Project View, Context View as well as in the drop-down combo boxes in the Task and Appointment edit screen. Makes finding the project or context you are looking for a whole lot quicker!
  • Support for recurring appointments and events. All BlackBerry Calendar appointments and events with recurrence associated with them now appear in Day View and can be assigned a project or context, just like any task or appointment in Viira. More on Viira’s recurring appointments and how to best take advantage of them is coming up in a follow-on post.
  • Backup/restore capabilities.  All of Viira’s data now gets automatically backed up and restored when the entire device is backed up and restored, thus giving a peace of mind to the many of you counting on Viira day-in and day-out to get things done. A post on how to backup/restore Viira’s data for those that haven’t done a device backup/restore before is coming soon. Backup/restore is available on the full version of Viira.
  • Device migration support. Thinking of upgrading to a newer BlackBerry model but have a lot of Viira data on the older device? Buyers of the full version can now migrate their Viira data from one BlackBerry to another, ensuring data continuity between device upgrades. (more on this to follow in a separate device migration how-to).
  • Support for latest BlackBerry models. Release 1.2 makes sure that Viira works and looks great on the BlackBerry Pearl 8220 and the BlackBerry Curve 8900.
  • Auto-capitalization of first letter of project, context, task and appointment names. Just makes things look a whole lot nicer!

As always, release 1.2 comes as a free update to all buyers of the full version of Viira. Buyers can get the update by pointing their BlackBerries to the Viira mobile site at www.kartamobile.com/bb or by logging in to our main site and downloading the ZIPed installer from there.

A free trial of Viira 1.2 is available as well.

January 31, 2009

What People Say About Viira

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Here is a small sample from some of the feedback emails we received since launching Viira:

“Very intuitive”

“Clean and easy to use”

“Simple, but yet with outstanding ability to get things organized”

“I think you guys have the first true GTD product for the Blackberry that actually works”

“Excellent piece of software”

“Love the app”

“…found it much better than the other task/getting-things-done applications that I have tried”

“It truly helped me ‘get things done’ “

“… and (big plus) appts entered in Viira show up on my today view!”

“Not exactly cheap, but worth every cent”

“Wow, with Viira you can do EVERYTHING all the little apps do”

“Love the product”

“Love Viira!”

Thank you everyone for the wonderful words! We are really appreciative of all the encouragement we have received and it makes us all very happy to hear that Viira is a productive addition to your day-to-day lives.

We promise we will keep up the hard work on our end and continue delivering productivity-enhancing features so you can always count on Viira to get things done with your BlackBerry. Stay tuned!

November 3, 2008

Managing a Someday/Maybe list with Viira

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A Someday/Maybe list is an important but often times overlooked feature of any solid GTD system. The list consists of all those actionable items that we want to get to at some later point but that cannot be acted upon now.

The idea is to record all the Someday/Maybe items and, while getting them out of our busy minds now, to review the list later and decide if the time to act on a particular task or idea has come or not.

The way I handle Someday/Maybe items with Viira is by using contexts. I have two contexts - a ‘Someday’ and a ‘Maybe’ - largely to keep a clean separator between things that I know I will have to get to eventually (”get going on tax return”) versus wish-list items (e.g. “learn French”).

Once I have assigned a task to the Someday or Maybe context I do not assign a project or date to that task. This effectively keeps the Someday/Maybe items cleanly separated from the other tasks in Viira. This makes intuitive sense: if a task has a due-date associated with it or is part of a larger work-in-progress project then it probably isn’t a Someday/Maybe item any more.

Once captured, the key is to do a scan of the Someday and Maybe contexts on a periodic basis - perhaps during the Weekly review. Here is a shared email to David Allen from a person who successfully leveraged his Someday/Maybe list in his GTD system and got things rolling at the right time - and was very happy that he did.

The topic of Someday/Maybe lists is a big and open-ended one and there are many tips on how to make the most of it while avoiding some of the pitfalls (like turning it into a procrastination list). Andre from Tools for Thought has posted a great article on dealing with some of the challenges and how to overcome them - an excellent read!

August 21, 2008

Viira 1.0 Released

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Viira 1.0 is now out the door, thus marking the official launch of what we hope is the most easy-to-use and complete Getting Things Done tool for BlackBerry devices.

Viira 1.0 provides full support for all the essential elements of any GTD implementation. To-do items, or Tasks, as well as Appointments can be organized by projects, contexts and by day. Pulling out the next action is quick and easy, be it the next action for a particular project, in a given place or when just looking at what needs to be taken care of before the end of the day.

Getting Things Done is all about dealing with rapidly changing priorities and quickly refocusing on the next task. Using GTD on a BlackBerry can be a definite advantage. Viira 1.0 makes the process of dealing with those changing priorities easy, intuitive and as accessible as your BlackBerry.

With Viira categorizing and re-categorizing a given task or an appointment is one pearl (or trackwheel) click away and many of the most common activities like creating, deleting or opening tasks, projects and contexts have quick shortcuts to make the entire process fast and fluid.

So check out the Free Trial, and happy GTDing to everyone!

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